ElderCaring is a gift to the people of Chattanooga from a church that wants to live out Christ's example (and command) to care for one another.  Those who give full-time care to a family member who has dementia within their home are eligible to apply.  The purpose is to give that person a few hours of time to attend to their own needs while their loved one enjoys a variety of activities.  Look at the pictures and decide for yourself if the participants are having a good time.  

Singing is a special time. Familiar hymns and "campfire songs" evoke pleasant memories and create a sense of belonging.

One-to-one relationships are valued, with the opportunity to be listened to without judgement no matter what the topic.

She reads a Montessori-style book about courage and trust in God. Often, participants will read aloud to a volunteer or within a small group.

Bowling is one of many activities adapted to the special requirements of Alzheimer's and other dementia patients. Other exercise is provided.

A nutritious hot meal is provided.

Lunch is a festive time as participants and volunteers enjoy good food and fellowship.

The participant at the left explains an art activity as a volunteer and other participants join in. The leadership experience refreshes and strengthens purpose in life for the former art teacher.

Interaction with new friends enriches life experience. The volunteer (standing) likes it too.

A volunteer shows the story of Noah. Wood sticks illustrate a picture of the ark under construction and hold his attention for the message about Noah's trust in God.

The brochure below explains more about the ElderCaring program.