36 Freebies

JESUS SPEAKS TO YOU TODAY.  This is a pdf version of one of our most popular items.  We think it is best used as a download to a computer or other device.  (If printed it is likely that it will not have the vivid colors of our inexpensive booklet.)   Click here to read or download.

19 BIRDSONG COLORING CARDS   These are black and white PDF files that are easily downloaded.  After they are decorated (crayons, or colorful felt tips or pencils) they can be given to affirm, inspire, and celebrate.  This creates joy for giver and receiver.  Click here to see 19 choices.  

3 WORD SEARCH SAMPLE PAGES  Word search activities are very popular.  Here you can download three sample colorful pages from our book of word games adapted to be enjoyed by dementia patients at all stages.   Click here.

TRIP TO THE ZOO  An audio adventure that stimulates listening and recall and evokes concentration  and conversation.  Click here to play.

VERBAL VILLAINS BOOKLET: Blunders You Don't Want to Hear Coming From Your Own Mouth.  The booklet shows the top ten inept communication styles.  You will find yourself and some people you know among them.  It includes a quick comparison with a better way.  Click the PDF logo to see, read, or download.

ATTACK OF THE VERBAL VILLAINS VIDEO  Your friends are in this 20-minute video, and if we are willing to hear ourselves as others hear us, we are in it with them.  It is about communication goof-ups made by nice people like you and me when we are in a hurry, confused, or under pressure.  Sometimes they turn out to be long-standing habits.  The good news is that God will help us change everything that needs to change.  Watch it if you dare!  Click here to play.

MIRRORING TUTORIAL  This tutorial illustrates the use of mirroring, a versatile skill that works well in many situations.  It is pleasing to most people most of the time because it shows them that you accept them as they are no matter what is going on and that you care about them.  We all like to be accepted and care about.  Always, and especially when things are hard for us.

     As you watch and listen to this video, notice how the responder's reply mirrors what the other person has said.  Then notice how that reply encourages the other to say more.  The skill is very helpful in building a relationship of understanding and trust.  It puts into practice the counsel Paul wrote in Roman 12:15 (NLT), "Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep."  Click here to play.

This is the fictional story of six offbeat comical characters whose beliefs about life are distorted by errors in thinking that are common in American culture today.  It is "edutainment"--part fiction, part straight-up, easy to comprehend facts about worldviews.   Click here to read or print.


Find out with a free inventory.   Click here for perfectionism inventory.


Rich Walters says that the most dramatic transformations he witnessed during his career as a licensed psychologist were associated with forgiving.  This download summarizes key points from his book, Let Go and Be Free: How Forgiving Calms Anger and Heals Wounded Hearts.  Click here.

THE GOOD NEWS BOOK - Okay, we have to charge a penny to make the shopping cart work.

This is a multi-sensory book to help when presenting the gospel to persons with dementia.  A woman with Alzheimer's disease made a first-time decision of faith after the Good News Book was shared with her.  The book is also an excellent refresher Bible study and celebration for believers.  See a quick video preview by clicking the link below.  It is $0.01 (yes, a penny) with an order or $0.01 + $3.95 s/h without another item.  They cost us $2.50 each out of pocket plus a lot of volunteer time to assemble, plus that much or more to ship.  Multiple copies can be purchased at our cost, $2.50 each + shipping.  If we give you one, we expect you to use it, not because the book is valuable but because the good news is so valuable!  Click here for a short video overview of The Good News Book.