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The AMAZING TRUTH About How Muslims and Christians Are Alike

This may be cliché to you but it was a shock to me:

Peaceful Muslims are slackers; half-hearted believers. They don’t practice what Mohammed, their leader, commands of them—“kill the infidel.” Scarcely any of them do that. They fake their commitment. They substitute comfortable works for the sacrifices of obedience.

Just like Christians.

Muslims are commanded to kill the infidel; Christians are commanded to love the infidel.

Neither group has a high percentage of true believers, that is, those who do what the written authority of their faith commands. I'm glad that most Muslims don't follow wrathful teaching; I wish that more self-proclaimed Christians would follow Christ's call to love.

How many Christian do—really do—bless their enemies? Many Chattanoogans, after last month’s killings, are struggling to do that. Pray that we follow God’s way in this.

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