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We Found Out: You Can't Outgive God

You have heard the phrase, “You can’t outgive God.” This is a quick report about an experience a few months ago with an old (circa 1875) pump organ. It illustrates God’s giant generosity.

The cute but bulky antique organ had been discarded from one family member to another for 30 years before I began lugging it around 50 years ago. It has lived in KS, MN, NC, GA, MI, CO, OH, NJ, MS, and, finally (!) Tennessee. But as Touching Grace activity increased, the basement seemed to get smaller and the organ sat unused, standing there like a big brown buffalo.

It had to go. Not easily sold, it might fetch $200, which would go into the Touching Grace bank account. A friend who does estate sales knew someone who was looking for one. The man had just bought one, didn’t need another, but when my friend said what the money would have been used for the man pulled $200 from his pocket and said, “Give this to them—anonymously.”

Wow! Got the money; still had the beast.

My friend talked to an auction house owner who said, “I’ll run it through and if it sells, no seller’s fee.” Alright!

A friend from church went with us and, prior to bidding, played “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” while the crowd sang along. The auctioneer told what would be done with the proceeds and put a vase on the organ for donations. The high bid was $200; the vase collected $50.

Alright! And hallelujah! Asked for $200; got $450. You can’t outgive God!

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