Information About BirdSong Coloring Cards

How This Activity is Beneficial
One of the "nutrients" for happy living is to do something nice for those who deserve it but many late-age men and women are limited in what they can do.  Coloring is an activity that many late-age people enjoy and even more fun is the act of giving it to a friend or to someone who makes their life better.  This creates joy for two people at the same time, and if you get the materials together, you will have fun from it too.
How the Cards are Organized on the TouchingGrace Website
The cards are clustered together by the themes shown below.  
FR        Friendship
INSP    Inspiration
AFF      Affirmation
GW      Get well
TY        Thank you
CH       Christmas
HBIR    Happy birthday
1. If a PDF button is on the page, click it to bring up a window showing the black/white image. 
2. Click the Print button, the third symbol from the right at the top of the image.  Print onto standard white paper.  Make as many as you want.
3. Decorate.   Millions of color variations; pick colors you think the person who gets the card will like.  Use crayons, felt tips, colored pencils; whatever is preferred.
4. Fold in half so the printed side shows.
5. Fold from the right side to Birdie’s beak. 
6. Fold left side over.
7. Unfold to full size and write on the back of the sheet if you want to.

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