The Center for Bold Action is committed to equipping men and women to enhance the lives of all people.  We do this as a response to God's call and we do all that we do by the instruction of His word, the Bible, and by the empowerment of His Spirit.  Our primary emphasis has been on equipping men and women to visit the lonely residents of long-term care facilities. 

Because relatively few men are engaged in any act of Christian service, Rich has developed a course, Work: Curse or Blessing?, that will help men discover the relationship of faith and vocation.  We believe this will energize men to approach work with joy, gratitude, and creativity.  Another course that combines biblical principles with 21st century methods is Lead Boldly for Employee Motivation.  These are available to those who are qualified persons to teach them.

Diana Walters enjoys training men and women how to connect meaningfully with dementia patients.  Participants enjoy it too because they leave with skills and materials that will bless people right away.  Typically she provides $65.00 of materials to each participant and charges the sponsoring organization only  $30.00 per person plus travel expense.  The workshop is uncommon in that:      1. It provides materials for immediate successful visitation, including a 28-page manual used during training and the help-packed book, Touching Grace; 

2. It prepares attenders to go beyond a social visit to make a ministry visit.  This goes beyond conversation about what the resident is not part of any more (their outer/past world) to strengthening their relationship with God (their inner/future world). 

3. It builds both competence and confidence in the visitor so she or he can increase competence and confidence in the resident. 

Among the places where she has presented training are:

Eastside Baptist Church, Mountain Home, AR

Brentwood Baptist Church (Brentwood campus), TN (twice)

Brentwood Baptist Church (Spring Hill campus), TN

Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA

Waypoint Church, Clarkston, MI

Falling Water Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga

Bethel University, McKenzie, TN


This course, Work: Curse or Blessing?, is for men who are ready to be part of God's Transformation Team.  It examines why work is a necessity, a curse, a temptation, and a blessing.  Then it guides a man into personal application so that he is sure that God is pleased with how he is using his resource of time.

The venture into God's Word and open discussion with like-minded men takes discipline, but becomes an adventure that transforms a man, enlivens his relationships, and builds God's kingdom. 


It is not for those who prefer safety over daring, security over worthy risk, or comfort over following Christ wherever He may lead.  It is for those who are ready to live up to the name they claim--Christian, Follower of Christ. 

Email Rich for more info:


Jesus always spoke with power, truth, and love.  What he said was always in the best interests of the other and they knew it even when they didn't like it.  He is our guide and pattern.  We learn from what he told us about how to speak to others, from his example, and from the same sources he learned from--Scripture and the Holy Spirit.

This course is highly participatory.  It is for those who are willing to follow Christ into encounters with those who need to know him.  It reviews skills of connecting with people and earning the right to tell your three-minute life story  that affirms your response to the claims of Christ.  All skills are based on God's truth for a broken world. 

                      Watch the 3-minute video  > > >

A course for Christians who are ready to get with it!




This has the same goals as the booklet above but with quite different assumptions about the reader and his or her context.  It is for those who still "stew" over a real or imagined injustice that could have been put to rest long ago but that remains psychologically toxic.  There are millions of people like this among the walking wounded, and many who are in long term care are among the multitude of residents who receive excessive medication.  Our hope is diminish their discomfort by showing them how, with God's help, the root problems can be resolved.  The style of writing is gentler than the booklet above.  It is 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 16 pages and large print.  

Resentment is a terrible burden and for many a man it has led to alcohol or other drug abuse, family disruption, conflict at work, even homelessness.  While going down that road to despair, conditions worsen; more resentment is added to the load the person is already carrying.  This short "think about it" booklet is meant to challenge the reader to consider transformation offered by Christ through repentance and forgiveness.  Four add-ins stimulate attention and memory.  It is 5.5 x 4.25 inches, 12 pages, printed on card stock.  If you work with jail or rehab ministry, we'll send copies for review.



These original courses are online and each addresses a topic that can improve the quality of life.  They are about an hour long, with activities to help you use new method to make life better.  As of 7-5-20 we have received 33,819 enrollments from around the world.  Two are free; two are nominally priced.   Click the blue URL below course title for more information.

Escape Perfectionism,
Gain Excellence
FREE course
Ask Right, Earn More

Perfectionism is a cage that takes away freedom; it is a load of stones on the back that shrinks results. A perfectionist is critical of everyone. Nothing is ever good enough, especially one’s own performance. When perfectionists win, it is like a loss anyway. “I could have done better,” they tell themselves.

    It's a painful way to live, or to live close to. It doesn't have to be that way. Dr. Walters, experienced therapist and author of The Perfectionism Trap and How to Escape, explains how to trade the pain of perfectionism for the joys of excellence.

    This course helps you change what you need to change--to swap the agony of over-reach for the joy of success.  The course has video mini-lectures (knowledge) and activities to improve your life(to help you use the knowledge). Along with the video coaching, you will invest some time to think, plan, and get great payback . Struggle no more; enroll now.

Calm Angry People Quickly

Angry people can be scary. Sometimes we have to deal with them and their anger anyway. This course shows you how to turn an angry person into a calm person. In just one hour it shows you what not to do and how to relate effectively, even when people are on "red alert" behavior. The video and audio examples have written summaries. Mini-posters can be downloaded to remind you about key points that help you change habits quickly. Take the course and never fear ranting again!

This course prepares you to do something good for yourself—to step up and confidently seek a bigger paycheck. The course combines video mini-lectures (you gain knowledge) with activities (to help you use that new knowledge) to improve your own circumstances. Along with the video coaching, you will want to invest half an hour several times thinking, planning, and rehearsing your “ask.” The potential payback is great; it is worth doing well.

FREE course
Say No, Stay Friends 

Saying "no" can be difficult.  Many people say "yes" when they don't want to; they give in when they do not want to. This always causes remorse and frustration later and is more emotionally painful than saying "no" would have been. 

   The style of saying "no" is very important.  It is possible to say "no" and walk away with satisfaction and good feelings about yourself and with greater confidence because you did the right thing for yourself. And, you can say "no" in a way that causes the person whose request was declined to understand why you said know.  This will make it easier for you the next time.  

    The course teaches the best six ways to say "no" without disrupting the relationship with the person who asks.  It includes an inventory for self-assessment.

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