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Bold Action in Elder Care

The Center for Bold Action is committed to providing learning that transforms lives.  We do this as a response to God's call. All that we do is guided by the instruction of His word, the Bible, and by the empowerment of His Spirit.  Our primary emphasis has been on equipping men and women to visit the lonely residents of long-term care facilities or are homebound. 

In addition to the interactive workshop described below, we suggest use of the Vitality Series books.  These help "mentally vaccinate" resident in long-term care against the "bugs" of anxiety, depression, or loneliness that diminish their life.  See them at: (Click here to see them.)  Other items there also boost faith and spirit. 


There is a ton of information under the Articles and Freebies tabs to keep you involved constructively for a long time.  Choose well, give of yourself generously.  If you are a family care giver, enlist some help so you don't get crabby or burn out, and above all ask God to provide strength and wise patience to you and others.

Many other training activities appear under the Mobilizer Training tab.

TG workshop hdg D 12-19-18.jpg

Diana Walters enjoys training men and women how to connect meaningfully with dementia patients.  Participants enjoy it too because they leave with skills and materials that will bless people right away.  Typically she provides $65.00 of materials to each participant and charges the sponsoring group only  $30.00 per person plus travel expense.  The workshop is uncommon in that:

1. It provides materials for immediate successful visitation, including a 28-page manual used during training, the help-packed book Touching Grace, and the remarkable Montessori-style book The Good New Book that is a refresher on the topic of salvation for believers or an evangelism presentation to nonbelievers.  

2. It prepares attenders to go beyond a social visit to make a ministry visit.  This goes beyond conversation about what the resident is not part of any more (their outer/past world) to strengthening their relationship with God (their inner/present and future worlds). 

3. It builds both competence and confidence in the visitor so she or he can increase competence and confidence in the resident. 

Among the places where she has presented training are:

Eastside Baptist Church, Mountain Home, AR

Brentwood Baptist Church (Brentwood campus), TN (twice)

Brentwood Baptist Church (Spring Hill campus), TN

Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA

Waypoint Church, Clarkston, MI

Falling Water Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga

Bethel University, McKenzie, TN

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