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A Trip to the Zoo

An audio activity to evoke recall and stimulate conversation.

Outcomes from this activity: 

     1. Stimulates attentiveness.  Captures and holds attention.

     2. Evokes recall and stimulates imagination.  When past experience coincides with the recording, mental images arrive.

     3. Encourages conversation and, with a bit of guidance, results in affirmation of each participant.

     4. Helps build community.  Positive interaction builds relationships.

Suggested procedure:

     1. Use the best sound system that is available to you.

     2. Optimal use is with 5 or fewer participants.

     3. Group sing along is recommended.  The words to "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain" are simple and repetitive.                   A song sheet would be a distraction.  Group singing builds camaraderie and reduces self-consciousness.

     4. The recording begins with a few guitar chords.  These chords also signal three places where group conversation                       might start: at about 8 minutes, 8 1/2 minutes, and at the end.   Pause the audio and invite comments.  If you                       can, involve each participant.

Trip to the Zoo -
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WE NEED YOUR OPINION   There can be many more of these if you want them.  Tell us how it worked or didn't work.  We will take seriously what you learn from your experience using this or any of the Touching Grace materials.

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This, and other "freebies" on this site, are free when used to enhance the quality of life of people.  It is illegal to sell or to copy them for distribution beyond your residence or facility, even without without charge, without permission from the copyright owner.

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