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An Entertaining Video That Will Sharpen Your Thinking


Life depends more on how you think than it does upon how much you know or how fast you learned it. How well you think affects how well you live.  This video is about thinking better.  It's for everyone because everyone of us is thinking all time.  But we usually don't think about thinking.  It's too obvious, I guess; just kind of like breathing--we just do it.  Take a few minutes right now to watch this. It can help you avoid mistakes, and can be the most valuable 17 minutes you invest into yourself this year!  

This video is included with the book, The OddSquad Blunders: Worldview Errors That Will Blow Up Your Life, the story of nine offbeat people whose comical adventures illustrate beliefs that just don't work in real life.  It combines glimpses of their crazy lives with simple explanation of their mistaken ideas, a mix that we call "edutainment."  Who knew that learning could be this much fun?  To read a sample, click here.
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