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The Good News Book
This multi-sensory book is designed to activate the attention of persons with dementia.  It begins with the common experience that life has rough experiences along the way, then in simple step-by-step sequence explains the gospel.  
The video is a "walk through" to point ouf the major features and general flow of the material.  There is no one way to use it.  One should always adapt to what is best for the other person.  If you stay on page one because the other person is recalling difficult times in the past, that is okay.  The purpose is not about getting through the material; it is to help the person understand that God loves them and that Jesus is the means by which we reconcile (reunite) with God.
Use the video as an orientation to the sequence of ideas and the multi-sensory methods that reinforce learning.  Pray that God informs the way in which you use it.
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