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Laugh Fest: An Activity

The recording that is accessible here is a catalyst for genuine, spontaneous laughter. 

Download the pdf file for background information, ideas, and a dozen more ways to get women, men, girls and boys of every age and temperament laughing and enjoying

life without cares, and if it is only for a moment, that's okay.  Our Laugh Fest tradition has increased attendance at groups where, after loosening up with frivolity, we spend most of our time on matters of greater substance.  Isn't that a valuable outcome!  Silly is a good thing when it leads to better things.

The Okeh Laughing Record - Recorded 1920; public domain
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An interesting essay about laughing records is at the Library of Congress.  Click here.

Another option is the October 1946 recording by Spike Jones, using "Flight of the Bumblebee.   Click here.

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