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Using THINKABOUT Activity #1


Who is it for? We developed this with Diana's work with retirees in mind, but it seems to us that it would be suitable for mid-grades school on up. This small group activity is in a video format suitable for showing on a laptop to 1 to 3 people, or with a video projector if more people are involved. The interval between pictures is only about 3 seconds so you must have a way to stop and restart the display quickly. Diana uses a small, lightweight video projector ($160.) that is great for this activity. 

For leaders: THINKABOUTs are thought starters to stimulate recall, thinking, and conversation about topics of substance. This ThinkAbout uses images to get mental action going. It can be used one-to-one but is better used in groups of four to eight participants. If it is a larger group, asking them to divide into small groups is usually quick and easy.

Most of this came as a many-times-forwarded email with no clue of its originator. We wish we knew so we could say thanks and how much we admire their creativity. Open the show and start with second image. There is a brief interval between images to you can pause the show for discussion after each image.

To participants say: You’ll see pictures, each with a comment that offers good sense and optimism about life. Each picture illustrates the comment in a whimsical way. After each one, please share thoughts prompted by the caption to the picture.

Don’t give a lazy comment like, “How true” or “Yeah, that’s right.” Instead, say why it makes sense or what is wrong with the opposite point of view. Use short examples from your own life. Be quick. Time is precious.

There are 18 pictures in the collection, but we are in no hurry. If we don’t see them all today, we’ll see more next time. We will enjoy sharing our ideas and experiences. I hope you will tell us what you think.

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