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Diana is Serious About This

Diana may not look serious here--obviously, she is not serious all the time--but this time and on this subject, she is 100% serious. She is retiring!

Partially, that is. She is shedding her duties as a manager of an assisted living unit and will work three six-hour days a week, still at Summit View, where she has been for nine years.

Her new duties will be in the area of life enrichment for both the Independent and Assisted Living units of the complex. One of her asignments is to involve residents in Independent housing as volunteers with one another and, more important and challenging, with residents in Assisted Living.

This has been tried elsewhere, of course, and it has never been found easy. But she and Ol' Husband Rich think that it is a splendid God-given opportunity to do what we (and Summit View) believe in, which is that providing nutrients to the whole person is essential. This includes, of course, guidance and exercise for body, soul, and spirit.

Diana will use our Bible-based materials when that is possible, plus our "faith neutral" activities such as Name That Instrument or the Fun With Words book. And, when the situation calls for it--wig and red nose.


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