Manifesto of Life Builder Training

These statements summarize the beliefs upon which Life Builder Training has been developed. The principles of LBT and the skills and attitudes associated with them are within the boundaries of those beliefs upon which the majority of Christians throughout history have agreed. The focus during Life Builder Training sessions is for each participant to acquire skills that are consistent with the principles described below, and to integrate them into the context of their life.

The Bible is the only adequate source of truth about how to live, now and for all eternity.

God calls all believers to tell people how he can change their lives. This assignment to take Jesus' good news to the ends of the earth1 is commonly called the Great Commission. The task is so clearly stated in the Bible that we cannot miss it.2 We would be overwhelmed by it if it were not for God's offer to prepare us,3 to provide his power within us,4 and to be with us—the Great Promise, "... I am with you always ...."5

The work of the church is done collectively. This project of world improvement is a task for believers as a group. When people who have diverse gifts6 collaborate toward godly tasks, good things happen. It is God's plan for the church and when it is followed, the church prevails.7

Preparation of believers for ministry is a process. It begins when people of character and compassion are called by their leadership or by the Leader.8 The fact that you are reading this indicates your interest in helping others, so perhaps you are called to a ministry of pastoral care. Confirming the call and becoming competent require learning biblical principles and developing the skills associated with them. This is best done through the processes Jesus and Paul used-learning from example,9 receiving instruction,10 growing in spiritual depth,11 and engaging in practical experience.12